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  • Chris Boothe

    Chris Boothe

    AI Research & Technology Entrepreneur

  • Fabrizio Traversin

    Fabrizio Traversin

    #programmer not too #geek, #python programming lover, #rust and #go student, freelance populist. #VenetoAddicted. Lover of #DarkHumor and #PoliticallyIncorrect

  • Anil Poon

    Anil Poon

    #sports_lover #dreamer #learner

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • Catherine Devlin

    Catherine Devlin

    PyOraGeek. Database administrator and Python programmer

  • Elena Williams

    Elena Williams

    django-user, web-person, kiteboarder, all-round geek

  • Kristian Erik Munk

    Kristian Erik Munk

    Man, 40 year, is computer geek in microsoft windows and ms office. Also techie interest internet og network and coding, are single

  • Ruddy Cruceta

    Ruddy Cruceta

    System Engineer, Tech Lover, Software and Web Developer

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